My Personal Laser Printer Recommendation 2017

Personal laser printer is the most wanted printer today. It is because personal laser printer is available in affordable price and needs reasonably price supplies. Moreover, another thing that makes this laser printer popular is its compact size. It allows you to easily settle it on your desk.

One important thing you should do is choosing the right laser printer is that you have to consider what it can do and cannot do. This type of printer is mainly aimed to print the text documents and simple images in black and white in a little volume. Thus, if you need to print the larger volume, this type of printer is not suitable for you.

Furthermore, laser printer is not suitable for high speed printing. Maximally, this type of laser printer can only print approximately 20 pages a minute.

There are a lot of types of laser printer available for you including the best all in one printers 2017. You can consider which product can meet your need. Therefore, you had better see the features the printer brings and offers you.

Brother HL-2140

Brother HL-2140 as one of the laser printers is ideal for home and office use. It comes with an affordable price. Also, it has an ergonomic design so that you can save your place. It can print up to 23 pages in a minute with great resolution, 2400 x 600.

Moreover, for operating this laser printer is easy. You only need to press the labeled button on it. It is also flexible. Not only can this black and white laser printer print a close-instant access, 23 papers per minute, it is also provided with a manual bypass which allows you to make a professional printing such as letter heads and envelopes.

It can help you save the cost of your printing. Also, this brother HL-2140 laser printer is supplied with 8 MB and a tray that can accommodate paper up to 250-sheet for both sizes, standard and legal.

This laser printer is ergonomically designed and has energy efficient. The dimension of this laser printer is 5×14.2×6.7-inch. Its compact design can help you free up your work space so that you can have a large space on your shelf or desk. It comes with toner save mode as well as sleep mode. You can set up this printer easily. Also, this is compatible for windows and Mac operating systems.

Another benefit you can have from this Brother HL-2140 personal laser printer is that you can save your money on energy bill since it has Energy Star. It comes with one year limited warranty.

Check out unboxing and setup video below ;

Brother HL-1440

This is another laser printer available for your option. It is equipped with parallel and USB ports but it is not supplied with any cables. It is compatible for both PCs and Macs. Also, it can support for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and NT 4.0 and OS 8.5, 8.51, 8.6, and 9.0. It uses PCL 4 emulation and is supplied with 24 resident bitmap fonts. The memory included is 2MB but it can be expanded up to 36 MB.

This Brother HL-1440 laser printer provides you a great result of printing. The printing looks great with a perfect gradient. The resolution of this printer is 1,200x600dpi. This feature allows you to print your photograph in smooth gradients.