Millions of People Already Use Apple Watch

Over about a week, the folks at Apple could announce more than 10 million Apple Watch devices  sold. In recent weeks, I have had numerous information about Apple Watch.

Although some companies are talking about a 70% decline in sales in relation to previous months, it should be noted that they were not taken into consideration only online orders made in the United States of America.

Thus, deliveries to partners around the world could have a significant impact. According to the sources, the number of watches sold Apple varies between 3 and 7 million up to this point. According to VentureBeat publication, estimates have been made not six weeks ago, and since then Apple Watch ended up in another seven countries: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

These figures are already well above those of all Android smartphones Wear watches. By the end of the year, however, we may have to do even with 40 million Apple Watch sold. According to analysts, the most important will be the period from the end of the year when cuts might celebrate sports interest of buyers from around the world.

As far as looks, currently working intensely to over 3,500 applications for smart clock. As there were only 500 applications in 2008 for the first iPhone and 1000 applications for the first iPad in 2010, it is obvious that application developers have great faith in the potential profit they can get programs written for the Apple watch.