GOOGLE DOCS: How You Can Get Thousands of Fonts

EXTENSIS, a developer specializing in font management software, launched Fonts Extensis, a billboard for Google Docs allowing users access to thousands of fonts from Google Fonts collection.

The panel is available as an add-on through Google Docs. Fonts Extensis provides a system whereby the user can browse, preview and apply font directly in Google Docs.

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The panel provides immediate access to the entire collection Google Fonts, where there are over 1,200 fonts that can be used with just one click.

To qualify for Extensis Fonts must follow these steps:

1. Open any document in Google Docs or creating a new document;
2. From the Add-ons menu, select “Get Add-ons”;
3. In the search field, type “Extensis Fonts”;
4. Select add-on “Extensis Fonts” in the results list;
5. Click on the “Free” (Free) in the top right corner;
6. Accept the terms and install add-on to your Google account.

With the completion of these steps, fonts can be used on all documents created in Google Docs, henceforth, noting that the add-on must be released every new document. From the Add-on, find and select Fonts Extensis start.