Free Wi-Fi on the Highest Mountain in Japan, Fuji

Climbers from Japan have reasons to be happy, the highest peak in the country to be equipped with their own internet connection.

The first time it came to installing a Wi-Fi network on Mount Fuji, many began to say that it will only be a method by which people can more easily publish pictures taken there. However, the internet might prove extremely useful, especially for climbing enthusiasts who might find themselves in a difficult situation. They would be more easily informed of any change in the weather, and where there is no signal, the Wi-Fi could be a method of contacting the authorities. However if you are stay in hotel, it would be better if you use the best wireless routers 2017 on the market.

The network will be available at certain points on the mountain with free internet will be available within 72 hours. This is not only strange place in the world that offers such possibilities. As people write to Independent, and can be found on Mount Everest some hotspots, the highest of them being at about 5,200 meters high.

Also, the Internet can be accessed at the North Pole, although temperatures will probably be too low for any mobile device and in Israel, there is a park where you can meet with donkeys attached hotspots. Neither the International Space Station is no exception, but astronauts are forced to connect to a computer before Earth.