Cicret Bracelet – The Ideal of the Portable Technology

4 men who share the same passion and innovation and a woman who has been the source of inspiration, have created a concept that combines four technologies Bracelet: Designed with a small angle, using tactile, low-light use, use any color leather.

In about two years ago,  four men released a concept video that symbolized the ideal portable technology: Cicret Bracelet.

With this bracelet, you can do whatever you want with your hand. You can read emails, you find your way, check the weather and use social networks.

The inventors know exactly what challenges obey and are confident that they can carry out the project. To achieve Cicret Bracelet, the team needs 850,000 euros to cover legal development and validation, why he called variant donations.

For now, they want to create a prototype of Cicret Bracelet with donations and then promises to produce enough for the general audience.

Projection skin is visible with the naked eye, dependent on touch, in other words, you have a tablet right on your skin.

The bracelet is waterproof and can operate on skin projection even if you’re in the tub or pool filled with water. Moreover, as the bracelet to start must twist of the wrist slightly, after which you can surf the Internet and check your social media accounts with ease.

If you’re lost and you do not have a map, twist the hand bracelet is activated and you can program the GPS map on the skin that take you to your destination.

The bracelet can be used as a smartphone. If you call, you can answer just as you do with Android devices, put the call on speaker and communicate with ease.