Best Advice that Can Keeps Your Phone Away From Hackers

Hackers and viruses that exploit the devices that you keep your data everywhere. But there are some precautions that help you stay safe during the holidays and beyond.

During the holidays, you should have more careful how you use your phone. Problems can occur as early as when you connected to the first points with free WiFi in the cities you visit, but they are points of interest for tourists and they become of interest to hackers.

With each Internet connection at a hotspot with freer exposed to viruses that can block your data to redeem them with money that steal your data or earn money by SMS or calls at great cost. Below is a list of tips to keep in mind, for whatever use antivirus software, the best protection is still out

Keep a copy of the data as ransomware viruses are becoming more casualties

Blocking of mobile devices and their content and request a ransom to unlock the terminal. Ransomware is installed mainly through drive-by download, so without the user to download any files intentionally, thus avoiding possible browsing pages with malicious content. Do not click on links that may appear suspicious and install an antivirus solution.

Protect your phone with a password and restrict access to content such phone or tablet to others.

It also uses anti-theft security solutions capable of tracking and secure essential information through encryption. Can secure data using specialized software that allows a device, or existing solutions on the terminal. Such security solutions are also available for PC.

No access links and do not open files received by email from unknown persons.

Mail accessed on mobile sites may be contaminated with infected links and files that contain malware, as in the case of PCs. Ransomware and other content malware are spread mainly through the mechanisms of this type, so avoid clicking on links or download files dubious character from unknown senders.

Monitors what applications you have on your phone and install from trusted sources only.

Otherwise pirated apps can send contacts from your phone book, can identify the position using location services or collect photos and other data-sensitive content

Connect only to secure WiFi hotspots

As places offering free wireless Internet are often ideal for the distribution of viruses, since they are not protected by a password and anyone can access. In a public space, the next person can intercept traffic on the device easy to use and you can collect your personal information, such as accounts and passwords to online payments.

Use a secure browser

When electronically charged in public places or official applications. If you need to transfer money using a WiFi connection, choose a safe alternative. It is also recommended to stop Bluetooth or WiFi connections when not in use.

And perhaps the best advice: be discreet about revealing the place where you are. Sharing your photos on social networks is a common practice during the holidays, but their publication will reveal having activated the GPS settings and geographical position. Disable GPS location before making photos with your smartphone