Tips for Using iTunes : Beginner Guide

If you are new to using iTunes like me, you may be puzzled over some of the features, especially if you are trying to set up a music library on a different computer and need to transfer your music over to it.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Setting Up iTunes on Your iPod Shuffle

The first time you plug in the Shuffle with the supplied USB cable after installing iTunes, the Setup Assistant should open and guide you through the process of naming and setting up your Shuffle, and synchronising it with your iTunes library. The Summary information screen is shown and if you left the option selected for automatic synchronising (which is turned on), that goes ahead.

You can scan your computer for existing music to add it to the iTunes library, or download music from the iTunes store. iTunes only recognises certain file formats, so you cannot use WMA files, for example. Also, if you have CDs which permit you to copy the music tracks, iTunes will import them into its library.

Always observe copyright rules when seeking to copy music.

Summary Information

When the set-up process finishes, you should leave your iPod attached for a while to allow it to finish charging. While it is doing this, you can check what music is on your iPod. To do so, click the left-hand part of the on-screen iPod button which appears in the top right of the iTunes window. The Summary view will be displayed.

The buttons that appear on this Summary are pretty self explanatory: Summary, Music and On This iPod. The Music button allows you to sync iTunes with your player in future, either your entire library or just tracks you select, so that you don’t have to copy the whole library every time you add something.

Moving Between Computers

Do beware if you switch your iPod Shuffle around between computers or if you get a new computer. If you allow it to sync with a different computer that has an empty iTunes library, iTunes will zap everything off your iPod. It does ask if you’re sure you want to remove existing music and audiobooks from this iPod and sync with this iTunes library, but if you don’t realise what that means and click ‘Remove and Sync’, the Shuffle will be wiped. Or if some tracks are in the library and others aren’t, the ones missing from this library will be deleted from the iPod.

So before trying to use your Shuffle with another computer, make sure the library on the new computer is in step with the library that the Shuffle previously synchronised with. You can transfer music from the first computer using your iPod, and there are articles on how to do this, such as the one I used. You can even buy software that will do it for you if you are not confident delving around in the Windows or Mac operating system.

In practice, I’ve been able to do this without too much trouble though I admit there was not a lot of music on my iPod so I didn’t have to keep wiping its disk and adding more music in between.

When doing a transfer, you must turn on two options shown in the Advanced tab in iTunes preferences: Keep iTunes Media folder organised and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library.

The first one puts the music into a sensible folder structure and the second one actually copies the music to the computer’s hard disk instead of just indexing it from the Shuffle. That’s VERY important!

Safely Disconnecting the iPod

Before disconnecting the Shuffle from a computer, click the upward pointing icon that looks like a triangle resting on top of a plinth. This forms the right-hand part of the onscreen iPod button which appears in the top right-hand corner of the iTunes screen. Clicking this ejects the player safely, so that no damage is done to its internal disk.

It is especially important to do this if the tiny orange light on top of the player beside the plugged in USB cable is blinking on and off.

My Personal Laser Printer Recommendation 2017

Personal laser printer is the most wanted printer today. It is because personal laser printer is available in affordable price and needs reasonably price supplies. Moreover, another thing that makes this laser printer popular is its compact size. It allows you to easily settle it on your desk.

One important thing you should do is choosing the right laser printer is that you have to consider what it can do and cannot do. This type of printer is mainly aimed to print the text documents and simple images in black and white in a little volume. Thus, if you need to print the larger volume, this type of printer is not suitable for you.

Furthermore, laser printer is not suitable for high speed printing. Maximally, this type of laser printer can only print approximately 20 pages a minute.

There are a lot of types of laser printer available for you including the best all in one printers 2017. You can consider which product can meet your need. Therefore, you had better see the features the printer brings and offers you.

Brother HL-2140

Brother HL-2140 as one of the laser printers is ideal for home and office use. It comes with an affordable price. Also, it has an ergonomic design so that you can save your place. It can print up to 23 pages in a minute with great resolution, 2400 x 600.

Moreover, for operating this laser printer is easy. You only need to press the labeled button on it. It is also flexible. Not only can this black and white laser printer print a close-instant access, 23 papers per minute, it is also provided with a manual bypass which allows you to make a professional printing such as letter heads and envelopes.

It can help you save the cost of your printing. Also, this brother HL-2140 laser printer is supplied with 8 MB and a tray that can accommodate paper up to 250-sheet for both sizes, standard and legal.

This laser printer is ergonomically designed and has energy efficient. The dimension of this laser printer is 5×14.2×6.7-inch. Its compact design can help you free up your work space so that you can have a large space on your shelf or desk. It comes with toner save mode as well as sleep mode. You can set up this printer easily. Also, this is compatible for windows and Mac operating systems.

Another benefit you can have from this Brother HL-2140 personal laser printer is that you can save your money on energy bill since it has Energy Star. It comes with one year limited warranty.

Check out unboxing and setup video below ;

Brother HL-1440

This is another laser printer available for your option. It is equipped with parallel and USB ports but it is not supplied with any cables. It is compatible for both PCs and Macs. Also, it can support for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and NT 4.0 and OS 8.5, 8.51, 8.6, and 9.0. It uses PCL 4 emulation and is supplied with 24 resident bitmap fonts. The memory included is 2MB but it can be expanded up to 36 MB.

This Brother HL-1440 laser printer provides you a great result of printing. The printing looks great with a perfect gradient. The resolution of this printer is 1,200x600dpi. This feature allows you to print your photograph in smooth gradients.

GOOGLE DOCS: How You Can Get Thousands of Fonts

EXTENSIS, a developer specializing in font management software, launched Fonts Extensis, a billboard for Google Docs allowing users access to thousands of fonts from Google Fonts collection.

The panel is available as an add-on through Google Docs. Fonts Extensis provides a system whereby the user can browse, preview and apply font directly in Google Docs.

Read and Google will create clothes with touchscreen

The panel provides immediate access to the entire collection Google Fonts, where there are over 1,200 fonts that can be used with just one click.

To qualify for Extensis Fonts must follow these steps:

1. Open any document in Google Docs or creating a new document;
2. From the Add-ons menu, select “Get Add-ons”;
3. In the search field, type “Extensis Fonts”;
4. Select add-on “Extensis Fonts” in the results list;
5. Click on the “Free” (Free) in the top right corner;
6. Accept the terms and install add-on to your Google account.

With the completion of these steps, fonts can be used on all documents created in Google Docs, henceforth, noting that the add-on must be released every new document. From the Add-on, find and select Fonts Extensis start.

Best Advice that Can Keeps Your Phone Away From Hackers

Hackers and viruses that exploit the devices that you keep your data everywhere. But there are some precautions that help you stay safe during the holidays and beyond.

During the holidays, you should have more careful how you use your phone. Problems can occur as early as when you connected to the first points with free WiFi in the cities you visit, but they are points of interest for tourists and they become of interest to hackers.

With each Internet connection at a hotspot with freer exposed to viruses that can block your data to redeem them with money that steal your data or earn money by SMS or calls at great cost. Below is a list of tips to keep in mind, for whatever use antivirus software, the best protection is still out

Keep a copy of the data as ransomware viruses are becoming more casualties

Blocking of mobile devices and their content and request a ransom to unlock the terminal. Ransomware is installed mainly through drive-by download, so without the user to download any files intentionally, thus avoiding possible browsing pages with malicious content. Do not click on links that may appear suspicious and install an antivirus solution.

Protect your phone with a password and restrict access to content such phone or tablet to others.

It also uses anti-theft security solutions capable of tracking and secure essential information through encryption. Can secure data using specialized software that allows a device, or existing solutions on the terminal. Such security solutions are also available for PC.

No access links and do not open files received by email from unknown persons.

Mail accessed on mobile sites may be contaminated with infected links and files that contain malware, as in the case of PCs. Ransomware and other content malware are spread mainly through the mechanisms of this type, so avoid clicking on links or download files dubious character from unknown senders.

Monitors what applications you have on your phone and install from trusted sources only.

Otherwise pirated apps can send contacts from your phone book, can identify the position using location services or collect photos and other data-sensitive content

Connect only to secure WiFi hotspots

As places offering free wireless Internet are often ideal for the distribution of viruses, since they are not protected by a password and anyone can access. In a public space, the next person can intercept traffic on the device easy to use and you can collect your personal information, such as accounts and passwords to online payments.

Use a secure browser

When electronically charged in public places or official applications. If you need to transfer money using a WiFi connection, choose a safe alternative. It is also recommended to stop Bluetooth or WiFi connections when not in use.

And perhaps the best advice: be discreet about revealing the place where you are. Sharing your photos on social networks is a common practice during the holidays, but their publication will reveal having activated the GPS settings and geographical position. Disable GPS location before making photos with your smartphone

10 Whings We Know About the iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S, an upgrade to the popular iPhone 6 has been launched officially by Apple two years ago.

Here are the 10 things you already know about the iPhone 6S, according to the iPhone Arena.

» Force Touch will be the biggest upgrade, but at the same time will be one of the main bottlenecks in the supply chain. Force Touch can enrich the user experience as a result of several methods and supports for signatures, which is a good thing to extend the commercial market.

» The display will remain at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, with resolution as the existing models.

» There will be no new 4-inch model, but will be a golden-pink colored casing that fits with Apple’s Watch Edition.

» Camera will have a pixel upgrade, probably 12M, a microphone near the speaker will be added to improve voice quality.

» A9 processor with 2GB upgrade LPDDR4 adopted.

» Bending problem will be improved by using different materials in the housing and some internal changes mechanical picture.

» If the drop test îmtâmpinate problems can be solved, 5.5-inch model will have a limited number of units sapphire screen protector.

» Touch ID recognition rate will be further enhanced in an attempt to promote Pay Apple support.

View the other two things that we already know about the iPhone 6S in the video below.

How does Technology Drains You Mentally

A new study says that technology makes us more active than we actually are, but doctors are of the same opinion. Here’s how it drains you mentally technology.

Thanks to technology, we live sedentary lives more than our grandfathers did, 67% of us spend about 20 hours a day seated. Which means a lot, which is why you should ask yourself how much time you spend actually making the move.

Perhaps spend an hour at the gym in the morning, 30 minutes standing in the bus to work and a further 10 minutes going from the office to the toilet and back.

Maybe you go to talk to a colleague several times a day and do a lunch break where eventually all get to sit upright and in the evening when you get home, relax in front of the TV.

It may seem that you move enough and at the end of the day because of “occupied and active life”, 54% of us do not choose to move. The big difference between parallels what we do and what we do is that, according to a report due to the development of technology and the Internet.

The trend of phones and computers constantly check to see whether I have received new messages, notifications on social networks and emails, make us feel constantly exhausted, which can be confused with physical fatigue.

83% of young people aged 18-24 check their mobile phones before to put to sleep and 71% do the same thing when they wake up in the morning, which makes us believe that we were “active” even before we out of bed for.

Worse, when we feel obliged to take a permanent eye on work emails during the program, 45% of us admit that we feel very busy. Even if we check them while chairing or on the couch with a bag of chips in hand.

“The development means that we are constantly plugged in, from sending messages, sending emails and surfing online, we are mentally exhausted,” says Zoe Hellman, head of public health at Weight Watchers UK.

“We get drinks with sugar, coffee, and chocolate bars in order to recharge your batteries, make little or no physical exercise to burn excess calories and add a sedentary lifestyle, which is increasing percentages for obesity” Hellman added.

“Even if you exercise for 30 minutes a day, this is not enough that you actually are sedentary,” says Dr. Stuart Biddle, professor of Physical Activity and Health at Loughborough University. “Physical activity and relaxation effects must be seen as independent and separate things,” he added.

Cicret Bracelet – The Ideal of the Portable Technology

4 men who share the same passion and innovation and a woman who has been the source of inspiration, have created a concept that combines four technologies Bracelet: Designed with a small angle, using tactile, low-light use, use any color leather.

In about two years ago,  four men released a concept video that symbolized the ideal portable technology: Cicret Bracelet.

With this bracelet, you can do whatever you want with your hand. You can read emails, you find your way, check the weather and use social networks.

The inventors know exactly what challenges obey and are confident that they can carry out the project. To achieve Cicret Bracelet, the team needs 850,000 euros to cover legal development and validation, why he called variant donations.

For now, they want to create a prototype of Cicret Bracelet with donations and then promises to produce enough for the general audience.

Projection skin is visible with the naked eye, dependent on touch, in other words, you have a tablet right on your skin.

The bracelet is waterproof and can operate on skin projection even if you’re in the tub or pool filled with water. Moreover, as the bracelet to start must twist of the wrist slightly, after which you can surf the Internet and check your social media accounts with ease.

If you’re lost and you do not have a map, twist the hand bracelet is activated and you can program the GPS map on the skin that take you to your destination.

The bracelet can be used as a smartphone. If you call, you can answer just as you do with Android devices, put the call on speaker and communicate with ease.

How to Transfer Documents From Your Smartphone on Your PC

Want to transfer your documents on your laptop or smartphone around and do not know which is the most efficient method that you can use? Here are the simplest ways that you can move content from your smartphone and your PC sole discretion.


Is your computer connected to a wireless network? The easiest way that you can launch a wireless data transfer is through.

These services specialize in rapid porting information over the wireless network directly from a mobile device. Once configured, these services are fast, easy to use and fairly safe, as long as wireless internet connection is stable.

In fact, there is so many services available Wi-Fi transfer as one of the hardest parts as finding the most suitable signal for PC. If you are using Android devices, you’ll want to take a look at the portal, an application Push bullet. Download the application to your phone, scan the QR code, and send pictures, videos and other files via the website on your phone (ideal size, up to 1GB). It is extremely easy with Chrome because you must use drag and drop on each file for instant transfers.

Another common solution is Filedrop, which is free for all systems, except iOS, costs a few dollars. As a portal, Filedrop mate mobile PCs, enabling the rapid exchange of documents with a simple drag and drop.

Wi-Fi transfer solution from Apple is called AirDrop and operates between all Macs and iOS devices without downloading any additional software. You can find the menu options AirDrop sharing of various applications.


Cloud storage Most providers offer a reasonable alternative to Wi-Fi transfer applications. You do not need actually to Wi-Fi for each step when using a cloud sharing service. By uploading files to Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud, you can access them anytime from anywhere if you have the app installed on your smartphone and find a Wi-Fi connection.


Pairing Bluetooth is like an older version of NFC and communicated using Bluetooth protocol. As with NFC, here you do not need a wireless network to transfer files. There are sufficient only two Bluetooth devices. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, mobile and PC. Also in this situation you have to see whether a connection is created automatically, and documents downloaded directly in Downloads (Downloads).

Bluetooth is a safe, since most devices provide Bluetooth connections, and once associated document is easy to change automatically. If you have a very old computer and a mobile device again there may be some problems in terms of compatibility, but nowadays it is a rather rare.


It’s always handy when you need to send something to someone. You just need a good internet connection and documents can be sent easily. The only drawback when you want to send documents from your PC smartphone and vice versa via email is that, if you have photos or documents that occupy very much space, you have to send them a time or create an archive. Of course, when documents are too high, you can send via Google Drive in the shortest time.

Millions of People Already Use Apple Watch

Over about a week, the folks at Apple could announce more than 10 million Apple Watch devices  sold. In recent weeks, I have had numerous information about Apple Watch.

Although some companies are talking about a 70% decline in sales in relation to previous months, it should be noted that they were not taken into consideration only online orders made in the United States of America.

Thus, deliveries to partners around the world could have a significant impact. According to the sources, the number of watches sold Apple varies between 3 and 7 million up to this point. According to VentureBeat publication, estimates have been made not six weeks ago, and since then Apple Watch ended up in another seven countries: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

These figures are already well above those of all Android smartphones Wear watches. By the end of the year, however, we may have to do even with 40 million Apple Watch sold. According to analysts, the most important will be the period from the end of the year when cuts might celebrate sports interest of buyers from around the world.

As far as looks, currently working intensely to over 3,500 applications for smart clock. As there were only 500 applications in 2008 for the first iPhone and 1000 applications for the first iPad in 2010, it is obvious that application developers have great faith in the potential profit they can get programs written for the Apple watch.

Kingston Launches DataTraveler microDuo 3C.

It has a dual interface that works with both USB ports standard, Type-A (3.1, 3.0, 2.0) and also with the Type-C. USB type-c is a reversible increasingly popular standard that allows creating thinner device’s future.

DataTraveler microDuo 3C is an ideal choice if you want to get the additional storage up to 64GB smartphone, tablet or your Mac computer, and is also compatible with the current generation of devices. You can save photos or other images in this USB drive and plug it to the best photo printers 2017 then you can start printing your awesome photos within seconds. All can be done ith the help of this product

The unit provides plug-and-play USB 3.1 performance with read speed up to 100MB/s and writes speed up to 15MB/s. The shape and small size of the DataTraveler microDuo 3C make it easy to carry and ideal for use in tandem with the devices portable.

DataTraveler microDuo 3C has a dual interface that works with both USB Type-A sites and the Type-C to give users easy access to the newest USB interface,” said Gabriel Gide, Kingston Technology Development Manager in Bulgaria. “Our units offer more storage, high transfer speed and better consumer access to new technologies.”

Besides DataTraveler microDuo 3C presents its next generation Kingston DataTraveler Micro 3.1. Being one of the smallest USB drives, it is ideal to add more storage to a tablet PC, slim notebook, car audio and more without increasing the device’s volume. DataTraveler Micro 3.1 is available in 16GB storage capacities up to 64GB.

DataTravel microDuo 3C has a 5-year warranty and free technical support.